How are you planing or facing unexpected technical issues ?

Hi Brooke or any master coach 😉

Thank you very much for all the value you bring to us…
Since April 1st, I ‘ve set up a plan in my calendar and since two weeks I can say that I, for the first time in my life, followed it pretty much perfectly. Let’s say about 95% of what was planed have been done. Thank you here… Because it’s really SCS who allow me to find the courage and commitment to do it.
But this week is totally the contrary, not because I do not want, but I am finding technical issues one after the other 🙂
The biggest one, I just discovered after wondering why nobody was setting up any appointment with me… My calendar is whole set as unavailable. I have no idea why. Already spend 3 hours there before contacting the support.
The net is we are Wednesday end of morning now… And I’ve done NOTHING from my initial planing because of all the time I had to spend finding solutions on all these damned things…
My list of small technical issues that happened this week is unbelievable.
These two past days, I was upset by this… Overwhelmed…

Today I decided to take it the other way and smile at it, and even take the time to write to you 😉
Arrggghhhhh…. When things don’t want to go your way. Do you see ??? My calendar is off… I don’t know why…
All this work … And nobody can take an appointment 🙂 I prefer to laugh at it today :)))

But how do you manage all this ???
Do you create a brand new agenda ? Moving to the right all your tasks ?
Do you planed a certain amound of buffer time for this ? But for this week it would have needed 2,5 days/5 🙂

Thanks for your response.