How can I believe what I dont believe but keep the impossible goal

Yoga studio
Not profitable
I don’t have an income coming in…
I run a teacher training program
I have been Successful and passionate running it people
Said yes
Now they are not

My big goal is get 30 paying students
Into the program and 123k by January

I have done it before but now
Only have one enrolled!
How Can I get myself to believe that I can make 123 k ?
C 1 person in only
T no one is saying yes i can never turn thos around
F panic discouraged
A waiting for them to find me or very little

C 1 person enrolled
T I know what to do to get people in and loving it
F sleeves up fearless and ready
A whatever it takes massive action
R 35 people
Enrolled and thrilled

How do I believe this? When it feels like everyone is saying no. I dont feel thos is true or possible and dont know how to believe what I dont believe.