How can I feel AMAZING about the price I set for my group coaching program?

Hi team – we currently are wrapping up our first go at our new group coaching program that we listed at $497 for early bird. We have 30 people enrolled in the program now and know that it’s value is worth so much more. The price that comes to my head when I think of a fair value for the program PLUS overdeliver on it is $797 but the jump seems a bit big when I compare it to our first price of $497.

We will be relaunching the program next month and I am having some difficulty setting the price for it. It will definitely be more than our first price but not sure how to price it exactly. For reference, other career coaches out there with similar programs charge upwards of $1000 USD. I know the value we bring is just as good if not better but the jump from our initial price is what holds me back from offering a similar price to that of our competitors. Thank you in advance for this 🙂