How can I get unstuck thinking I need to help people while pursuing my business goals?

I’ve been in a position where I’ve had to help others, carry them along since childhood when I had to be more of a parent to my parents. While doing thought downloads, I see how this keeps coming up and how thinking if I learn something, I have to keep that piece of information and find a way to share it. I can’t just have whatever insight or information I’ve found, I have to start a note file on it or screenshot my steps, or whatever it is to save it to help someone. The thing is, then having these running notes about things to share with others becomes guilt because I don’t find the time to share them. Lately I’ve been throwing away notes from years ago about how to run a business and marketing steps to take, which feels great to relinquish. But I’m wondering what to do with my habit so I can just learn / gather information, use it for myself and my business, then not feel the burden of needing to write a blog post about it or doing something that is not one of the key things that impacts my business. It takes me off track and is why I’m not hitting business goals, but I can’t figure out exactly what’s going on.

Here are some models I’ve done. My business makes money from each blog post I write that gets traffic.

In this first one, I get side tracked by thinking I need to go wider in my niche to make more money, because it’s hard to make it just concentrating on my niche. But then I realize, I’m spending time on other topics so I’m not focusing down on my niche and getting better at it.
C – Not making $X a month
T – Think I have to create more blogs instead of just post about my specific topic (niche), need to start new projects, need to uncover a landmine that will explode business growth
F – Overwhelmed so much to do, desperate to do more than post on my concentrated niche.
A – Add too many non-niche related things to my work load, start new social media channels, take social media courses, get easily swayed by people doing “new” things on social media. Buffer feeling guilty I haven’t posted off-topic things I started drafting out a year ago.
R – Not making $X goal amount/month. Busy doing other things than posting my specific topic.

So doing that model brought me to another realization that those non-niche things I’m doing often comes from learning a little bit, then feeling a need to share that knowledge with others, which actually makes my brand pretty off topic and non consistent. So I did a model on that.
C – This has been hard to nail as a fact, but I keep coming back to a thought that I’m doing better off, or that I’m somehow more fortunate because I’ve been able to start a business and others around me – friends, sibling – aren’t doing much to better their lives. Again, this isn’t a fact but keep coming back to me being more capable, having a more successful life than others. Perhaps it’s that I made more money in my 20s than my mom ever made. Something like that. So maybe it’s I’ve started my own business and have unlimited potential compared to people who are going to work a low salary job the rest of their lives.
T – I have to help people. Other people have tried to start my type of business and failed and if they only knew what I know, they could make a living doing what they love. They can’t be happy for me and my business because theirs failed. Never helping other people enough. If they only knew they could do it, they would.
F – Compelled to “give back”. Forced to share knowledge and inspiration. Overworking to help other people.
A – Set up new ways to give people this information, projects that take my time, or buffering, feeling like I need to collect my inspiration and turn it into a book or run a course about it. Setting up folders on my computer that are screenshots walking people through marketing programs. Holding on to these materials thinking they are valuable.
R – Then I end up spending time not on tasks that will move me forward (niche specific posts).

I am just starting to come to these thoughts and wondering what to do from here. I do feel there is freedom in letting go of this need to help people around me and lift them up and instead to just focus on my website, which will attract people naturally who want to learn the things I’m sharing. It’s like I’m trying so hard to help the wrong people – the people in my life who don’t want it. And some of this is because my business is public and they read all my social media so it’s like I’m sharing messages on there with them. What type of model or thoughts can I do next to explore this more?