How can I tell if my thoughts are coming from a gut feeling/intuition or coming from fear?

I have been working on my virtual assistant business since March 2021. I was going all-in for the first few months. I was able to get a couple of clients even though they were one-and-done projects and not retainers. Then, I was dealing with depression for several months and stopped actively working on building my business. Suffice it to say, it was a struggle getting back into the swing of things. I started focusing on my building and strengthening the backend of my business to ensure that my systems and processes are set in place so any potential clients coming in will have a smooth experience.

However, about a week ago, I realized that I may be “hiding behind” my setting up my business foundation. The more I started thinking about that and that I may be buffering, I started to feel like I’m not really jazzed about finding clients. I’m not on fire about it. Now, I don’t know if that’s because I’m doing the right things about business in general or I’m just avoiding and buffering. Is my not “going all in” because I shouldn’t be doing this business or is it because I’m indulging emotion?

How do I put that into The Model?