How do I break go from 1.25 million to 2-5 million like my peers without being workaholic or over-working?

I have generated millions in my business over the years. The highest I have been able to hit for annual sales is 1.25 million. That frustrates me as I have had a 2 million goal for almost 8 years, however, I think I have a belief that it will cost too much of a sacrifice. I have 2 little children under 5. I have workaholic tendencies and love helping people. I don’t want to be driven like my friends who seem to say they are making all this money yet something underneath the surface doesn’t seem right. My husband makes a lot less than I do. He used to not like the business. I want to be happy and be a good mom. At the pace of 1.2 million right now I am still feeling behind and tired. I don’t want to make a lot of money and then have my kids or husband resent me. I feel sad that I haven’t been able to hit that one goal as I have hit all my other goals. I have reached a million people, made millions, got married, have 2 beautiful babies and a great life. I am hard on myself though. I would like to see myself differently. My priorities are God first, not money, so not sure how to be a successful entrepreneur, make a lot of money, and still have a life. I need more time off and admire how Brooke has done it. I work a 5.5 hour day monday through friday and some evenings since my son started school. How do I start thinking differently and really get clear on what it is possible and how Brooke scaled so quickly? Thank you for your help. I want to make the right decisions that don’t jeopardize my family. I want to be a better mom, I just love creating results and that is how I do it in my business. Without that I feel like I would feel empty inside.