How do I get clients?

I am ready to begin my life coaching business. This summer, I set up three group coaching sessions with friends and family setting to coach 150 women in 150 days.

My niche is How to live your best life. I had a lot of interest; however, my target market is women who have children and crazy lives. So all of these women are interested in my message; however, they need this coaching because they can’t attend.

After all, schedules do not allow them to meet with me because of soccer and softball, priorities, etc. I know some of this is an excuse; however, a lot of it is legit because I know all of these people…most of them very well.

This made me panic, and I have already changed my coaching technique to a monthly package to include two live group calls, weekly check-ins, and one individual coaching session.

Here are my concerns:
1. I have not presented this new package with its value because I am afraid that I am not sure what is next if this fails.
2. I think my clients will be my friends and family, so am I wasting time trying to educate/sell to them and find the clients another way?
3. I am struggling to set my price. I charged $89 per session, and if they committed to all three sessions, their cost was $60 each, and I feel like they felt that was too much because they are so unfamiliar with life coaching. How do I set an appropriate response?

I am not sure how to proceed. But, I’m not giving up. I would love some direction, and then I will put in the time and work!
Thank you!