How do I get more consults?

I started my coaching business in 2020 and was in a “big box” coaching program for 6 months. I did “all the things” like creating lead magnets, building a website, creating a course, posting on SM. But I also struggled with a lot of limiting beliefs about myself and my niche (Christian women won’t pay me and they won’t trust coaching). I spent the last 6 months of 2020 getting over imposter syndrome, fear of judgement and fear of visibility. I did a few podcasts, signed 3 clients and sold 5 of my courses. Then things abruptly dried up. I tried to do a black friday launch and had no takers.

This year I tightened up my offerings (90 minute session and 90-day program), re-launched my course (increased the price and sold 2), started working with a copywriter. Then by a miracle, I discovered Stacey B and LCS and I joined Scholars. I realized I HAVEN’T BEEN TELLING PEOPLE THAT I’M A COACH. So I’ve sent out e-mails to people. I’m making offers (ie discount on my 90-minute session for signing up for my Lent retreat). I’m still not getting leads.

What am I doing wrong? I feel like I’ve taken a lot of action but it hasn’t really gotten me very far.

C: I have no paid clients at the moment.
T: My business isn’t working.
F: hopeless
A: Since people aren’t buying or even expressing interest in my offer, I lack confidence in making offers so I’m taking action from this place.
R: I haven’t made any money in my business this month.

Thank you for your help!