How do I know if I’m adding something to my business out of wanting to add value and not validation seeking?

I want to start a free Facebook group so I can more easily queue up Facebook posts, conduct free trainings, post more links and inspirational content for my audience, and generally create a buffet of my content for my audience to get free and valuable help from.

I don’t want to create another thing to manage to take up more of my time and add to my “jobby”. I feel like I am doing things for my business, posting to IG, FB, doing Clubhouse chats, creating a podcast, but I’m afraid I’m doing too much, looking for validation, and not getting any return on my time investments here. I have two general thoughts which are “I’m not doing enough” and also “I don’t want to do anything out of desperation for clients”

C: coaching business
T: I’m not doing enough
F: shame
A: avoid working on tasks that will help my clients, ruminate about things I should do like post more but hesitate to follow through if I don’t feel in “good energy”, buffer with tv and socializing or gaming, scroll social media, consume coaching content, avoid TDLs
R: Don’t do enough what I need to in order to grow my business

C: coaching business
T: I don’t want to seem desperate
F: fear
A: don’t post, have “writer’s block” or hate everything I write, ruminate about who is reading my post and what thoughts they may have about me, don’t make offers to help people
R: I don’t market at all out of fear

C: coaching business
T: I’m giving value and not getting anything back
F: frustrated
A: look for how “I’m not getting anything back” by only counting consults and clients as measures of my success, don’t book consults, have little desire to make offers to help people, avoid working on my business, buffer by watching tv, second guess my valuable content, discount my value bank, ruminate about how I haven’t produced any “valuable” content lately, become frustrated when people ask for my coaching help or advice and don’t hire me
R: only give value with the premise that I *should* get something back for giving it

I don’t want to think these Ts anymore! How can I feel sufficient in creating a new *thing* for my business? How do I know my brain isn’t just looking at a shiny new thing that I will later avoid for another shiny new thing? I want to create this FB group but I’m afraid it’s just a symptom of what my brain always does. I don’t want to be doomed to repeat this forever in my business.