How do I know if my niche is willing to pay?

I love my niche. It seems to really hit a pain point. I get a lot of requests for help each week. Currently I only charge $300 for a coaching package. As soon as I finish up certification I want to charge no less than $2000.

I’d say 1 in about 10 of those who sign up for a free consult will sign up and pay $300 for the program. So many others say they wish they could, that they really want to, but they don’t have the money. They’re college students. So I get that. Many of my clients have their parents help them pay.

I know I have a ton to work on in my head about the drama of selling and the drama of my clients having money. Agh. Working on it.

I guess my main question is this. I want to move forward, like create a video program and funnels, etc. but before I do that how do I know that they’ll be WILLING to pay that money for a coaching program? Is the fact that I’ve had paying clients already in the niche proof? Do I need to find clients who are willing pay 2k before I go all in?