How do I know if my program is priced correctly for the value I’m offering?

Hello! My business, The Kiwi Kit, helps people move to New Zealand. The first service we’re offering is an online program that teaches you everything you need to know to move to New Zealand. We offer six video modules, PDF guides, ongoing live Q&As with relocation experts from a variety of areas (i.e. pet relocation, moving your belongings, banks, immigration advisors, etc.). I have been charging $199 USD as the pre-sale price just to get a few people through the door and to validate the idea. I currently have six people at that price who’ve signed up. The promo pre-sale period ends on July 20th and the price goes up to $497 USD, which is where I think is a good spot for pricing, because the value is more than that and I want to ensure I over deliver. I started to have doubts about the $497 price when a friend of mine said she used a Canada relocation company (similar to us, but different model) and she paid $1000 for far less. Now I’m wondering if I’m undercharging with the $497. Please help! Thanks so much.