How do I know when I actually WANT to do a business opportunity versus people-pleasing?

Right now I am stretched so damn thin. I am all over the place in my self-employed life. I do one-on-one coaching (which was my most lucrative until I started saying yes to a million other things), an MLM about bitcoin investing, an MLM about superfood nutrition, and content creation as an “influencer” on tik tok.

I’m struggling to differentiate whether or not I actually want to do all these things or if I am people pleasing. I notice almost every time I hop on a call with anyone from any of the MLM’s I get a bit of FOMO and suddenly I want to work on the MLM’s. In the moment it feels so right but then I feel pulled all over the place.

The last two days I spent alone with zero outside social media influence, and it really hit me that I was doing so well with coaching and it was WORKING and I went and changed it all up and felt so sure that I was distracting myself with anything other than my own content creation and coaching.

Then I went on a call today and saw one of my upline’s posts that was super inspiring and suddenly I want to do the MLM’s again. Part of me is wondering if maybe I’m just avoiding some discomfort of what people will think when I spent so much time talking with them and hyping them up about our MLM partnership. Part of me wants to do the MLM.

To be honest, I just want to stop saying yes to so many damn things. I want to be able to trust where I’m at and not suddenly think I need to change everything up. As I write and read through this it seems pretty obvious that what I REALLY want is to focus on my own brand as an influencer/life coach, but I guess I’m scared of missing out, scared of disapointing my friends, scared that they will try to coach me into how “the MLM fits with my coaching business” which it definitely CAN I just don’t want to be working all day everyday which has been my life for the past 3 weeks.