How do I tell when I’m creating true value?

I’m going through the money course right now, and logically, I know that: 1) Money comes from value 2) I create value, & 3) money doesn’t come from effort or time.

So, in my business, I help women figure out their passions and purpose. I know that’s valuable because I’ve been in a place where I didn’t know my passions or purpose. (It’s not good!). I’ve set $80K as my big goal that feels almost unrealistic, but I know that is possible.

I think that my marketing, messaging, emails, social media posts add value to the world. But, if I were to look at my results, they don’t reflect that. (I haven’t made $1000 yet in 2020). So, I know (conceptually) I create my results.

I’m guessing my results are the reflection of my value I’m giving to the world. If I felt like I was already creating value, then how do I know when I *think* something is valuable that it actually is? I get feedback saying I’ve helped people in their lives, but I guess what I was doing wasn’t actually valuable.

And if money isn’t a result of time and effort, then how do I create more of it while not spending more time and effort??