How do I think about a financial gap better?

Hello awesome team,
I want to think differently about a financial shortfall that I have and which has widened this month.
I’ve established that I’m underearning, have worked out how to get out of underearning and debt . I’ve worked through the money course which I loved and so much fell into place and I’m feel really great and positive. I’ve just worked out what my finances look like for the rest of the month and there is a shortfall. Instead of panicking, getting anxious, overwhelmed and all that drama, what could my model be?
Possible model:
C – I have a financial shortfall.
T – oh that’s interesting. (What Shall I do? How can I resolve this myself?)
F – excitement.
A – look at existing action plan and double down to achieve results faster
R – make money and plug financial gap.
Is this along the right lines?
I look forward to your response and thank you so much in advance for it because you are all awesome.