How do we know we are creating value?

I created a podcast on iTunes and other channels two years ago and have been creating episodes every week. My YouTube channel – where I post every week – is growing at a rate of 1 subscriber a month. I made 0 dollars as a coach ever since I got certified in 2016. I have 18k in debt. I make offers to help on my podcast. I have a freebie that I offer too. I have a email list that I stopped sending emails last month after being consistent because my thoughts were that this is not working.

My question is: I always hear that when we are adding value money comes to us. Now if money is not coming, if Iā€™m not having people interested in what I am offering am I adding value? I am thinking that I am not adding value otherwise I would have paying clients.

I am actually very frustrated and feeling worthless because of this belief. I work hard on my business but nothing seems to get where I want and see other coaches getting. What am I doing wrong? Thank you for your help.