How do you know you have Nos?

How can I understand about the Nos in my business and know how many I have? I’m watching the “double your business in 3 months” course and was pondering about my offers and what Nos I currently have.

I made an offer about a month ago of renting out my office space for some hours. I’ve advertised in 2 places. Zero interest so far but may happen. But is that 1 offer or 2 offers given that they are open in an ongoing way? I have an offer for a short term parent support offer (6 sessions) on my website. Zero interest so far. Is that 1 offer? In July 2022, I also added my whole business to another website mentioning my 6 sessions offer there too. Again, as above, this offer is open in an ongoing way. Is that 1 or 2 offers? I have an ongoing offer of my work as a private therapist with parents and with teenagers. That is an ongoing business that’s going well. I don’t think of that exactly as an offer.

I want to increase my revenue and I have various ideas of how to do it through working on my website. I am then thinking that I’d like to consider my 2 existing offers for which so far I have had no interest even though I think they are good. What steps would I follow for that? What would I be focusing on? I would imagine that work needs to be done first before making new offers.