How might my model (The Clarity + Progress Model) work with The Self Coaching Model

Hello! Brand new scholar here – first month! I love the Self Coaching Model. It is very similar to models I’ve experienced in the past, but the emphasis on feelings has been a game changer for me. Certification is top of my list for investing in myself (just need to make some money in this new business of mine first… pesky little detail)

I was an executive in corporate talent development for years and through that work have been trained in a coaching approach called Immunity to Change (authors Kegan and Lahey from Harvard, founders of Minds at Work). I created a coaching model/process that combines ITC with a model similar to Brookes and I’m curious how you might see the two complimenting each other.

Since I can’t attach a document, I’ll do my best to explain without the graphic…

EXPERIENCES shape BELIEFS influence BEHAVIORS determine PROGRESS (look familiar?)

The approach is first I help clients get clarity on their most important improvement goal, their current behaviors that are working against achieving that goal and their current beliefs (worries/fears/assumptions) about those behaviors.

Because beliefs are shaped by previous experiences (or more accurately, ones thoughts about those experiences) and we can’t change our past, I then help clients create new experiences for themselves to begin creating new beliefs which influence new behaviors which lead to progress on goals.

My question… Brooke doesn’t talk about creating new experiences to help shift beliefs. We do this in ITC to help clients discover for themselves that their limited beliefs are often not true. At least not as true as they hold them to be.

What are your thoughts on this approach with clients?
Also, I’d like to introduce the importance of feelings in the model. Without certification, am I able to insert that element to my model if I give Brooke credit for the inspiration and addition?

Thanks very much! I’m so excited to be part of this amazing program!