How much free coaching/information?

Thanks to SCS have decided on a niche that really excites me for my business – I am creating my weight loss coaching programme for women in their forties with children. As I am finishing up my free offer while still designing the full course, two questions have come up:
1. How much is too much when you give something for free? What if most clients opt to just stick with the free info they would get in a 45-minute consultation, informative booklet, and start-up worksheets I plan to offer?

2. Should I have the course completely designed and then go back and finalize my free offer to only reflect a very small part of the full picture, and let my clients know right off the bat what they will be getting for free and then what they would be paying for and getting if the proceed with the three month weight loss course/coaching? This feels a bit stingy and like I would be trying too hard to sell.

Thanks in advance for your help!