How much to charge as a new coach?

I just completed certification, and my niche will be weight loss. I would like to start coaching clients 1:1 for a 6 week program. This would involve an hour of personal 1:1 coaching per week, written content, as well as some form of email question/answer. I’m conflicted about what to charge. I was thinking of 500-1000, with the idea that this is less than what I ultimately would charge for such services, but:
1) this is a way to get started until I get my bearings
2)Charging a smaller amount is better than doing it for free because the client has skin in the game
3)It’s ok for me to get less monetary money in the first stages of my business, because the education I will get from the experience will also be very valuable to me.

I still wonder, is this what everyone else is doing? Am I undervaluing myself?