How much to charge

Hi, I am a coach for new female entrepreneurs. I haven’t signed any paying clients yet although I have offered free pro bono sessions to many of my clients. People have been reaching out to me to ask for my service, but now what I am struggling with is how much to charge.

I have clients reaching out to me who are both international and local. I am concerned about how much to charge my local clients because for them the price will be too much when converted to my local currency. However, for foreigner clients, the price is reasonable for the value I am offering.

I feel bad to charge more for my local clients because they might not have all the money to join my program even when they want to join. I used to struggle with paying for my coach so I understand how that feels. Also I am scared of how they will react and might find my coaching expensive and I might come across greedy or selfish?

I am not sure how much do I want to charge my local clients. Do I give them a discount? However, I wanted the price of my 1-1 coaching to be the same for everyone. However, I feel bad that it will be harder for them to join my program.