How Much to Push My Client?

Hello! I am having some mind drama about “how much to push my client,” in terms of weight loss. I have a client who is currently 320 lbs and wants to get to 199 lbs. We are working together for 3 months. She says by the end of the 3 months, she is hoping to get down to 299 (as her goal).

As her coach, I didn’t push this goal more… but I’m wondering if I should have said that she can potentially lose more than 299 lbs (because I genuinely believe she can)? I’m wondering if I’m not setting high enough standards for my clients to lose more weight?

She also has a painful relationship with food and her weight and has been overweight and dieting since she was in 3rd grade. The focus I wanted to approach our coaching journey on (which is what she said her goal was) is to become a person who plans and follows through on her plan… she is saying this as her primary goal for our 3-month coaching journey.

But I guess my question is… should I have pushed her to set a “higher” weight loss goal for herself (and set higher standards for herself), as her coach? Isn’t that what coaches should be doing (helping their clients push themselves to the next level)?