How necessary is niche?

I help people write their first book. My last six clients sign on with me thinking they wanted to write their first book. Within the first or second session, they self-selected a different focus. One wants to be more comfortable when she has face-to-face conversations. One wants to create a women’s retreat in Hawaii. One wants to feel less “clingy” in her relationships. One wants to train her daughter to take over part of her business. One wants to sign her first paying client as a life coach. I have not made this a problem. One wants to overcome her buffering with mid-days naps.

So many different things, and none of them having to do with writing books as a goal.

I have decided to make this no problem at all. I know I am equipped to help them reach any goal. But what about the niche I am trying to serve? They came in thinking they wanted to write a book and them realized early on that they wanted something else much more.

If my clients aren’t writing books, how will I show they are getting results, when my niche is people who want to write their first book?