How Should I Get Paid?


I took on a part time job as a creative assistant for a life coach where we agreed upon (not written) $25 an hour plus commission. She said as soon as she made money she would be able to pay me. We created an AMAZING program and she had her first 10k month my first month in the position but when it came time to pay me she only paid me the commission piece and told me she would only be paying me commission moving forward. Whenever I bring up back paying me for the hourly work I did it get’s ignored. I’ve created models that help me change my thought from she owes me that why hasn’t she paid me (that lead to not so great work) to I over deliver and the universe will over deliver in a variety of ways. However a part of me is wondering if I’m being taken advantage of? Should I be working the model on that thought instead? or should I be focusing solely on my own coaching business rather than trying to be her creative assistant, working on my coaching business, and working my 9-5 job?

Thanks for the help! 🙂