How to activate the T and the F lines to increase income.

I want to increase my income in my business. I’ve been listening to some of the money coaching workshops, and I realize that I tend to overwork/ put more energy in my labor, and I know my real work is in the T and F lines more than in the action lines.

Although it’s a relief to think that I can create powerful results using the feeling of Ease in the F line, I also know that I need to create action to get to the $90,000 goal in my R line.

Here is my model:

C last year’s side-business income $60,000.
T I know my work adds value to the world, and I will generate income even beyond what I created last year.
F Ease
A Belief work daily, repeated models that emphasize the T and F more than the A-lines
R this year’s business income $100,000.

How can I make this model even more powerful? I feel like I may be missing something here.