How to build side business while in a (new, big) full-time corporate job

I just started a killer job after 7 months of a layoff. It truly is my dream job, I negotiated big, they met my ask, and I’m one week in and I LOVE it.

In the past few years, and especially during my layoff, I’ve been building a business of sorts (I say it this way, because it makes no money…is a life-giving creative outlet and community for me, and they say if it doesn’t make money it’s a hobby) and I want to grow it. I don’t have the time I used to to spend on it (I also have twin boy toddlers), but I want to continue to build on the momentum I’ve built to eventually start to get paid for the products/services/consulting/value I create.

My goal is to help women on the verge of change, either life transitions or career changes, and to encourage women to step into their power. I believe well-resourced women are a force. Currently I am sharing templated and tips and mindsets that have helped me live my best life, and land my dream job — for free; and my click rate is 80%+ on the offerings. I know I’m onto something here, but I have this mindset that I genuinely want to help women but I don’t want to charge women for things that I have obtained for free, and things that I know will be a good way to deliver value and brand awareness and my personal brand reputation, but offer insight into what I provide so that I can soon offer 1:1 linkedin/personal branding consultations AND lunch-and-learns to professional societies and corporations (Ex. “How to Negotiate Like a Boss & Celebrate with the right bottle of champagne”) for a fee. ALL while I know this new job is going to be a huge time commitment.

I don’t know where to spend my energy on the side business to both: maintain and build my personal brand (I used to engage on social media 5/6 days a week..and I just can’t and don’t want to spend time there anymore…I want to create products and services to sell and write powerful articles to establish increased expert positioning online and in my industry) AND continue to create value (I have a handful of product ideas but I’m stuck on which to prioritize, what to charge and if I even should charge this year at all because I am still so new).

I’m all about systems, so I know if I set up a system to do XYZ even in the crazy busy world I’m in, I’ll do it. Just as I did all last year, and prior to.