How to categorize the problems I solve


I have so many problems that I solve swimming in my head and want to assign 3-5 categories to use in simplified marketing and messaging.

Do you have a model for a way to categorize problems?

For example, in my traditional career, we think about everything from the perspective of People, Processes & Technology.

I help management-level working moms to put the structure and systems in their life, to overcome their overwhelm and free up time to be more present with their family, to be more strategic at work, and to make time for themselves for their own goals and passions.

The types of problems are:
I feel so overwhelmed
I have too much to do and there’s not enough time
I feel mom guilt about the way I spend my time, no matter what I’m doing
I always feel like a failure, at home, at work, with myself
I can’t possibly accomplish everything
I keep forgetting important events & assignments – send kids to school in regular clothes on picture day
I can’t get healthy meals on the table consistently
The laundry is always in a pile on my couch
I sit down at work and don’t even know where to start

Categories could be something like:

This all seems fuzzy to me right now. I’d love some input on my direction and how to fine-tune it.