How to charge for a corporate workshop

I’m preparing to present a 6 week mindfulness program to a law firm with 2 x regional offices. Sessions will be 60 minutes with one per week over 6 weeks. In one office, there are 9 staff and in the other, there are 40 staff.

I’m trying to decide whether to charge a per person rate or a fixed rate for the sessions. From my perspective, if I charge a per-person rate I’m taking home 3x as much for the larger office for the same amount of work (i.e., my hourly rate in one office would be approx $300 and in another office approx $1300).

I’m wondering if the company will think that is not appropriate or would consider it fair as it’s based on the value each employee is getting?

If I go for a per person rate, the amount I’d charge for a private program would be $195 per person and I’m not sure whether it’s ‘standard practice’ to charge a higher amount to a corporate than you would for a privately run class or if I should be discounting it as they’re providing the venue/participants etc.?

I’m also concerned about not pricing over what competitors would price and missing out on the work. And I’m concerned about being compared to other people in the market in terms of the materials I provide. I’m really confident in the content I provide in terms of my verbal presentation and how I engage an audience but, I’m concerned I don’t have a ‘professional’ PowerPoint as I’ve made them in Canva myself and I’m no designer. I don’t have any take home materials/handouts, etc. and am worried I may be over charging in light of this?

Also I’m asking to record 2 of the 6 sessions as I need to provide recordings for a mindfulness and meditation teacher training I’m in (I’m already an accredited teacher this is further / deeper training) and I’m wondering if I need to discount the price given I’m asking for recordings and it’s something I need to do for my study?

Help please? đŸ™‚