How to coach a client really in their story?

I have a client who said she’s an invisible introvert. She literally thinks people don’t see her and don’t hear her when she says something, She can be in a place with people and they’ll “I never say you there”, she says “I’m invisible”, “the automatic doors that sense are supposed to sense I’m there don’t. I think I’m a different density are; not on a wavelength that’s visible/audible”.

When I explained to her how her brain has found evidence to support that over time, she just said “yeah I know, I’m aware, I can acknowledge that” and I could feel her getting defensive about it and fighting for it, like “I just am invisible, it’s just me”.

Any advice on how to coach someone who’s really in their story next time? I got thrown off by it and wasn’t focused, I didn’t coach her to the best I could. I wanted her to see how that was just a story she had been telling herself, but I felt like she really held on to it!