How to deal with followers?

I recently received a message on my social media about my podcast that made me have thoughts that are actually not serving me. Here is the model:

C: Person with 36 milions followers said: I have some tips about your communication on your podcast, let me know if you want my help
T: He is correcting me
F: anger
A: I question myself, spin in thoughts about my podcast being all wrong, how I should give it all up, have internal fights with this stranger, contemplate bloking this person
R: I am doing it all wrong (is that a result?)
I am new to this “putting myself out there” thing which I am trying to be myself, trying to find my voice, and I find it hard to not let myself get distracted by other people’s opinions. I feel very insecure about my podcast now, but before I was very confident also because I was having good feedback on it. I am relying on people’s opinions to define if my work is good. thank you for your help!