How to decide what to constrain my focus to

I am a certified health coach and functional nutrition practitioner. I quit my 9-5 job in October to go full time but I’ve only had one client since doing that, and previously had only a few clients. I am feeling stuck.

I worked with a business & mindset coach (outside the life coach school/SCS) and got to the point of launching a group program (which I haven’t built yet) with a price point of $1500 for 12 weeks with a mix of 1:1 and group coaching.

However, I struggle with procrastination, time management, and organization. When you talk about “constraining” focus to one thing, I’m wondering if working on my time management and getting myself organized (both in terms of my electronic filing system, my social media strategy so I start creating/sharing content more consistently, and mastering the skill of planning ahead using my calendar (I’m going through the Monday hour one course now — def. something I need!).

So, I don’t know how to determine whether I am trying to do too much at once, or which thing I should constrain myself to first because I know that I’m not actually making progress on any of these things! I want to obviously start making money, though it’s not urgent, and I want to feel that I will have the systems in place to actually build the course quickly once enrolling clients (as my coach taught the strategy of sell before you build — meaning I’d build the content week by week).

Personally, I don’t even love the idea of a group program right now, or having to develop video modules, I just want to focus on 1:1 coaching — and I wonder if I even need to create my own video module to go along with my program or can I just recommend certain articles/podcasts/books to supplement what I’m covering in my sessions. The focus of my program is gut health.

To come back to my question. How can I decide what to make my ONE THING to constrain my focus to right now?