How to decide what to work on, when.

I am just starting out with my coaching business. I have a part-time job and two children, so I can work on my business about 20hrs a week of focused time. I can do a few extras, like Instagram engagement or emails at other times, but I prefer to have clear boundaries of “work” time and other times. I’m trying to decide how to break up that 20hrs to schedule time for each part of my business. I have ADHD, so it’s difficult for me to estimate how much time I need for tasks.

Here is my list of what I feel I need to accomplish each week. I was hoping for some help in estimating how much time I could dedicate to each task, realistically, within the 20hrs I have each week. Also, if you think there are things that could be squeezed in outside of those 20hrs without becoming major distractions and throwing off my work/life balance, please let me know! As soon as I book another paying client, I would like to hire a part-time virtual assistant, but I don’t have the funds at the moment.

So, here is my list:

Clients: each paying client would take up about 1.5hrs/week (1hr coaching session, plus a follow-up email and occasional check-ins, as needed by client). I also offer a free 60min initial consultation, so that varies.
* 4 clients currently, so 6 hrs

Instagram: This is my main avenue of marketing and potential client engagement. I would like to be more visible and interactive, and offer some free value on my account. I would like to post a story or reel every day, mostly Behind the Scenes, or something I’m learning or find valuable. I would also like to post something to my feed 3-4x a week. I usually plan ahead for the week and schedule my posts, which take about 1-1.5hrs. Every day I’d like to spend some time sending DM’s to new followers, check-in, comment on some potential clients’ feeds, and interact with comments on my feed. I think this would take about 30mins. I’d also like to start doing a weekly IGTV episode or live that is focused on my monthly theme. I’m thinking 4 episodes/month – 1 class on the theme, 1 interview, 1 q&a or similar (each ~10mins, and 1 live coaching session, which would probably be ~60mins). Filming and editing would maybe take an hour, plus 1hr live, and planning the material would possibly take 3ish hours at the end of the month (planning for upcoming month).
*~5-6hrs/week, with more time spent during planning week.

Blog: I’d like to post some short articles, and free worksheets on a blog. This prep could be included in the prep for the IGTV, so maybe add an hour per week?

Admin: staying on top of finances/budget, replying to emails, maintaining/updating my calendar, website, and Honeybook.
*1-2 hrs a week, although variable.

Self-development and coaching: SCS live 1:1 call (20mins), SCS live group call (60 mins), SCS class (varies), Focused membership live call (60mins), Focused class (60 mins), SCS study vault, Focused archived calls, podcasts, reading (varies).

Am I trying to fit too much in? I feel overwhelmed and anxious. My thought is “I’m not capable of being this productive”.

Anyway, hope that’s clear and not too much!