How to find a business coach or Mastermind for my stage of business?

Hi, Brooke, I have a very niche specific consultancy business in the areas of law and regulations for a specific industry. I started 2 years ago, now have 8 clients who pay me monthly fees and success bonuses and outsource to me specific regulatory and government relationship functions, and if nothing changes, my company will probably reach mid-or-above 6 digit figure, maybe even 7 digit. Currently I only take “star” (e.g. famous in the industry) clients, and there are many smaller clients or startups who are on the waiting list, which is growing, because i don’t know what to really do with them, since i don’t have the capacity to manage all these small requests. I have reached my time-for-money capacity earlier this year and focus on how to scale my business. I started to build my online course and build my list (following Amy Potterfield), the course will launch in later October and the idea for the course to test the online model and the demand and see which content really sells well online. At the same time, I feel like i would like more consistent business coaching from someone who knows how to help entrepreneurs going from offline consulting to scalable online model. You always talk about your coach Frank Kern and how he opened your mind to new possibilities. Can you recommend a business coach or a focus group or a Mastermind where I would be working with people exactly on that problem, which is taking the business from (more or less $500k to $5 million) by digitalizing what you currently do offline and going online. Any references?