How to get it done with sooo many detail and fear?

I just laid out my to do’s-obstacles-strategies and as I go to put them on my calendar I think ‘I can’t get these done’-(I’ve been tryin to for a year) I am full of doubt and now feel terrified- I feel it compressed in my chest. I want this so badly-I am committed, but am holding myself back for some unknown reason.

Anyway, below are the details to: I am stuck in a project. How do I move forward to complete my 1st class. How do I get it done??

Background- I’m skilled as an accountant but have chosen a life change in an entirely different arena. I want to write a class for kids on self perception and how they move through experiences. Over the past 2 years I’ve come up with thoughts, ideas and concepts and have formulated a model and story to convey my information. I have a ton of concepts/ideas/process and am trying to figure out how to organize and teach them in a fun, interesting and interactive way.

I’ve not written cirriculum or presented a class with this kind of content before. Everything is new ~ I”m doing this for the 1st time. I start to write and have so much information. I lay out what I want to present word for word and become overwhelmed with the amount of content I’ll need to remember when presenting. I get lost in the details and loose focus on how this will flow hi level.

I logically know CTFAR and have tried to change my thought to ‘I will share what I know and that will help others’, but I still get caught in the details and feel there is something holding me back from getting this 1st class complete. (I have so much info and hope to create various modules to get all of my ideas out, but am stuck with completing the 1st one :0)

I would appreciate any guidance to move me through to reach my fullest potential.