How to handle all the requests that come to us?

Hi, we have a tango dancing school, and have recently created an online offer. Plus, we’ve been very active online in the past few years, which means that we are very visible.
We have a VA who answers our emails, more or less once a day.
Despite all of this, we receive countless emails, and some are asking for things that make me angry, such as “you have a webinar scheduled for 1pm GMT, how do i convert that to Belgium time” (we link to an online converter in our emails)… or ‘can you send us that free video that you did on X topic a while ago and that we can’t find’.

So, I guess my question is two-fold:

Mindset: I know my thoughts about this (“they are not respecting my time and me”) are making me angry, but… I’m still angry… I feel unrespected by all of those people and it is really taking the joy out of having this business.

Business: How is the Life Coach School organised to respond to those kinds of requests? We don’t have a lot of money, so I don’t want my VA to spend time going through dozens of videos, or finding link converters online when she has other emails to attend to.

Thank you for your question