How to include Yoga in my psychotherapy practice?

Hi Business Coaches,
I need some help in clearing up my thoughts –
– My wild impossible goal 2 years ago was to create a thriving trauma therapy center (I’m a psychotherapist specializing in trauma therapy/EMDR. I’ve worked in my own small practice since I set the goal.).
– The regulations/rules here in Germany are different from the United States. One thing is, that psychotherapy is 100% covered by our obligatory health care system -> nobody would ever pay for health care stuff as everybody is so used to all of it being covered. This also means, that I must cooperate with the health care system (or, put differently: cooperating means, I’m always 100% booked out)
– Looking around me feels like a dream: I now have 6 licensed therapists working for me! The center starts to bubble with life!
My question/where I need support in how to think and act:
– being able to offer trauma sensitive yoga has been a part of my vision all of the time. Problem is, our health care system doesn’t cover it (there might be a way, but a complicated one that isn’t really worth the action, as they don’t pay much in the end).
– my clients often are really poor (being traumatised seems to influence all kind of things, including success in business stuff!), so it’s not so realistic, that they pay
– I thought of finding charities etc to cover it, or writing articles for yoga journals (-> crowd funding) etc.
All of that is possible, but I don’t have the time to do it for the time being. AND the income is not very high yet. It covers all that has to be covered (and we are still going well with Covid and all!). But I can hardly pay myself for what I already do (I know I know, but that’s how it is).
NOW: A few days ago a young psychology student contacted me. She’s also a yoga teacher and even specialized in trauma sesitive yoga. I sat down with her and found she had nearly identical ideas that I have. BUT . She kind of put it all on me (I could hire her, so she could develop a concept and then pay her to offer the yoga and pay her 80,-/hour, and she could use my facility which is really optimal for offering yoga. This would be a huge “plus” for my center). I first kind of sheepishly nodded. Only after our conversation I realized, that in that scenario I would pay for everything and have all the responsibility (and would put a lot if time in it), without any payment.
I thought about Brooke’s “shark tank” and the question “what’s in for me?” and couldn’t find a satisfying answer… Of course it would be a huge “plus” being able to offer yoga for my clients (and a dream of mine). But it doens#t feel good to put in even more work and time and money and not being paid for it. So now comes my question for you:
What is a good way to think (and talk to her/to me) about my dream (offering yoga in my center) – but not at the expense of exploiting myself?

C- I have a practice with many rooms, some of them big
T- Someone can offer yoga there
F – excited
A- I tell this girl to support and pay her (nothing left for myself)
R- self loathing and confusion

Possible thoughts:
– maybe I should simply go with it and figure out on the go how to finance it (and how to find the time)
– I can tell her, she can rent a room and be part of the center, but has to organize all the rest herself (would that be a possibility?)

You see – I’m confused and don’t know what to do or even think… thanks for reading all that and helping me with finding a way to deal with this…