How to Make My Elevator Pitch More Clear

For a bit of context, my business is brand new and provides habit training, coaching and a subscription box around a quarterly theme. The topics are Health, Wealth, Happiness and Home. I am opening my full membership program on June 1 for a July 1 launch. Since my business is new, my first subscription box for the 3rd quarter will be filled with products to help women learn about the right way to create habits and how to be consistent with them. I have been told I need to niche down further by saying something like “I help women lose weight by showing them how to create consistency in their daily habits.” but that doesn’t really line up with my quarterly theme idea. I wanted to bring this question here because Brooke’s Scholars Program covers a variety of themes as well. I did read the One Liner question and answer in this section but am still struggling because I have these themes. This is what I have come up with so far:

“The Habit Collective exists to teach women how to create the right habits and consistency with those habits so they stop abandoning their dreams and start bringing them to life.”