how to make results inevitable

I really love the concept that Brooke talks about, of what do I need to do to make my results inevitable? So my goal is to sell 52 copies of my online course in 3 months. I have sold 20 last year in total. So I want to really double down on what needs to be done to make this result inevitable, the only thing I can come up with is to invest in FB Ad and test ads until they work and do the math, get x amount of registrants , which means x amount (about 20-25% of those registrants will show up) then convert at whatever percent I convert and scale from there. For example is the answer to come up with 10 tests of FB ads to run? I would like some more ways to do this, organic traffic is very slow and while I make 1 sale every time I do a webinar what other things could I be doing to guarantee that my result will be inevitable? Any ideas or ideas of how to get these ideas? I have been asking my own brain but am asking for some other help since I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Thank you!