How to manage your mind while waiting to hear back from potential clients?

I started a new business in September where I do free sessions on the phone and sell a high dollar program to potential clients. Some sign up right away (yeah), others think about it. They seem “all in” when we hang up the phone but then often I never hear back from them. Even when I do, the days waiting for the response are miserable for me. I have had a LOT of clients say yes (even after a few days) so my previous success doesn’t seem to help. I’m trying to break free of the idea that I need to be everything for everyone and believe that I am enough as is.
Here’s a model I did on one specific instance.

C-I didn’t hear back from Steve.
T-My program is too expensive.
A-question everything I am creating.
R-don’t believe in my value.

I really struggle with the R line in my models and have a hard time seeing what results my thoughts create.
Can you help me come up with a new way of thinking about this that feels better and let me know if I am doing the results correctly? I know it takes practice.
Thank you!