How To Manage Your Time When Developing A Productive Business

I worked on my business all last year and tried to make money through affiliate marketing, which requires a large base, that I don’t have. I am wanting to have a products and coaching. When balancing what to work on making sure that my offer is something that my target traffic will buy? Really work on developing a high quality product? Then once I have launched this product, should I then focus on traffic, opt-ins, delivery?
I have been focusing on traffic a lot, which requires constant work because I have been using Pinterest and Instagram. I have also been working SEO for my blog posts.

My second question is on the model. I am unsure what the circumstance is. Is it the fact that I have 450 subscribers on my list? Or is it something broader?

T: I am unsure if what I have to offer is going to be good enough to be bought.
F: Doubt
A: Don’t work on the product
R: Never create a product