How to narrow down on my niche?

Eventhough i m interested and able to coach on many life issues, i m mainly focusing on relationships. Up until now, I was open to all issues and aspects of relationships, from dating to facing difficulties with the partner, to facing a divorce, to rebuilding alone, as well as to secrets for making a marriage last. In order to grow my clients database, I would like to follow Brooke’s recommendations stated in How to Entrepreneur and try narrowing down this niche and building a program this new niche ppl won’t want to pass on!

But how to narrow down to get to my actual niche? I have been together with my husband for almost 18 years. He is my soulmate, my best friend, we are different yet have so much in common, we are still very passionate and into each other, so of course I would feel more drawn to helping ppl in making it last, and giving them the hows to get over the bumps, including some of my French ‘je ne sais quoi’ tricks, possibly write a short book down the line on this, but in the meantime how do I ‘label’ this niche?! The couples who want to stay married? The couples who have been together for 7 years + and want to find out how to stay together for the long run? Is there a simpler word for this sort of niche?!

THANK YOU BROOKE!!!!! I am loving Scholars, I can’t wait to Certification in April, and I am loving working on my Impossible Goal for 2019…I feel so motivated!