How to prioritize when nothing I do feels "good enough"

I am a coach in the first year of my business and am currently struggling with knowing what tasks/goals to prioritize in my day-to-day and following through on the plan I make for myself. I have ran some models on this and the feelings I am having are impatience, overwhelm, confusion, disorganized, and rushed. One model looks like this:

T – I keep wasting/running out of time
F – disorganized
A – not planning ahead of the current day/week
R – starting my days with no plan

I keep thinking about what I “could” be doing and have done a thought download. I know a few things I could choose to do but my first thought about putting that on my calendar is “I’m not actually going to do that”. I think “there’s a lack of trust in my follow through.”

I notice there’s a lot of resistance and taking action in response to negative feelings (example: feeling impatient/overwhelmed, going and creating 15 social media videos with offers and watching my emails to see if consults come in). If you have any advice on questions I could ask myself to help me figure out what I need to prioritize, I would really appreciate it.