how to reach my target audience

I have so many thoughts right now! 😉 I’m TRYING not to allow myself to feel confusion (is this a resistance or is that something we should try not to do?) about my niche. Does it really matter that I’m not actively coaching them right now? (even though I know what I want my end game to be?)

I will certify in December and until then I just want to get as much practice as possible by putting myself out there and offering my services to AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE before I’m certified. I want to be the best coach I can be before I charge people–and I don’t even have a program yet to sell them on at the end of our calls (and they’re not my niche anyways). So I just offer another free call to get more practice. I don’t know if I’m doing this right or not, I just want to keep coaching. I don’t want to feel frantic, rushed, or hurried to “catch up” to whatever figurative coach I’m comparing myself to in my mind. (I have done many models on this and feel much more relaxed now.) But the truth remains that I have no program and I’m not coaching those in my desired niche because I honestly don’t know the best way to go about contacting them! (I know I’m not supposed to say I don’t know, I’m trying to figure it out, which is why I’m here!)

So to break it down, my desired niche is celebrities.
My thought is that I have a unique market that is not going to be necessarily targeted through FB ads because I don’t know if they go on FB. I think that social media is not the way to reach out to them (I know many of them are on IG, but they are very selective about who they follow). I have so many thoughts surrounding this niche, but am really determined to make this happen. I also think that I need to get really good at coaching before I actively pursue them as clients, which is why I chose the applied track (even though I really need the entrepreneurial help!). Even though I’m not currently taking action with regards to my niche, I AM taking action in coaching as many clients as I can in hopes that when I get to point of contacting them, I’m more than ready to step in confidently and say, I’m the one you’re looking for, let’s go! Is there another approach you’d recommend? I feel like I’m taking massive action in filling my calendar with clients, but at the end of the day, they’re free….lol

To summarize: am I doing the right thing just coaching my buns off without having a program to sell? Do you think my niche is “special” and would have a different approach to contacting them rather than FB ads or social media? (I have access to their emails and snail mail and agents’ info, just not sure if cold calling is an acceptable approach.) Is there something I should be doing right now that I’m not that I’m missing somehow?? Because my thought throughout this whole thing has been: I will do whatever Brooke tells me to do, 100%!!! 😀

Thank you! Sarah