How to reach my target

I am a weight loss coach and want to help women suffering from PCOS who are in a hurry to get pregnant and are considering the option to undergo Ivf. The reason why I want to address them is because I have met these women and have suffered with the complications of Ivf in pcos. Also, they are the perfect client for me because I offer them a permanent weight loss solution which will help get them pregnant naturally without any treatment and they can bypass all the complications which she would otherwise be at risk for.

I used Facebook ad for 7 days and paid 35 usd total. I have no idea how to reach these women. My recent ad stated “Getting started is the hardest part of losing weight. That is where all the struggle lies. Hi! I am Dr.—-, a Gynecologist and a certified Life and weight coach. I coach overweight women to reach their goal weight before they start their family. I show you how to do it and guide you through the process using the mind management tools. ”

I targeted this ad to 2 cities, one city with certain specific locations, women aged 25-45, interested in coffee, cosmetics, online shopping, fast food restaurants,iPhone users.

It reached 4318 people, generated 9 leads, for one subscription on my website, no mini session booked, no paid client.

I think I’m doing something wrong. I placed the ad without any research. With my previous 6 ads over 2 months, I had achieved 18 mini sessions, 15 no and 3 yes, but no paid clients.

I want launch my next ad and I again have a belief I’m doing something wrong, or I’m going to lose my money.