How to refine my offer

Hi, coaches. So I recently did a launch. The sales didn’t go as planned at all, and I had a 1% conversion rate.

I had over 1700 people opt in to my mailing list specifically for this course launch, were pushed through my funnel, but then only 9 people bought.

I worked with an expensive launch strategist, who helped me build out a launch funnel, etc.

My immediate reaction was to reach out to people who didn’t purchase individually and want to get feedback on why they didn’t purchase so that I can analyze how to refine my offer. However the launch strategist suggested against this, saying that in his experience, I should do a relaunch and reduce the price and see if the pattern changes. He said my messaging, marketing etc. was very good so he thinks its the price that is the problem.

I have mixed feelings about this because I didn’t have any mind drama around my course price! In all honestly I think its an absolute BARGAIN for what you get. Its currently $220 for over 3 months of content!! That’s less than $100 a month!

I don’t mind reducing my price and seeing if the data changes, but I just feel like I should ask my audience FIRST if that was the reason!! I personally feel like this is a little counterintuitive and instead should be focusing on SHOWING them how much value this course gives, and see if I maybe missed the mark in terms of how I worded things etc.

My launch strategist advised I do the price reduction then AFTER that if we still don’t reach our target then we can see why people didn’t buy and start making changes to the actual offer. He strongly advised doing it before reducing the price and giving that a try.

I am a little in conflict here. On the one hand, I paid this strategist $6000 and he has done over 200 launches so I really feel he has a lot of experience. But on the other hand, I just feel like getting data with what I currently have first now to see if price was even the problem, will be valuable. Who knows, maybe it wasn’t the price and people found it too complicated, too intimidating, no what they are looking for etc.!

I’m feeling stuck with what to do. If I should just listen to him and see, or ignore him and start seeing why those that didn’t buy chose not to and take it from there.

Please help coach me on this.