How To Scale

Hi –

I have a business that needs to scale. Basically it’s a group music class where I teach adults who have never played before how to fiddle. I have my own method and want to expand my class to other cities. Right now I am to the point where there are almost too many people. This happened after I joined scholars and I tripled my business. I need to scale it but I really have no idea how to do this. Where do I even begin to get ideas about how to scale a class? I’m just a lowly musician and I don’t have business sense to take this to the next level. (I know– thoughts).

The best I can come up with is to invite the one person I know who was a CEO of a successful company over for dinner to ask for advice– but they made prosthetics and are not in my field. Most musicians I know have scarcity issues and an over-mind of limited thinking. (Including myself haha). I also could read some books on business. So I only have 2 items on my list.

What else can I do to figure this out? Also, I am afraid my business is not scalable because I cannot clone myself.