How to utilize current clients who want to join your team as employees

My dad and I run an online coaching program for women with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). We educate them through online modules, then they have access to group coaching calls with the doctor and nutritionist as well as an individual call, they have access to their questions answered 24/7, and access to private facebook community of women and coaches to support them. We started last January and are doing well.

We have many of our current program participants reaching out for job opportunities. We will need to start growing a team here soon as we are really starting to hit our goal numbers but we aren’t quite ready for them yet. How should we go about utilizing them?

They are VERY interested and some even offering to do some things for free until we are ready to hire. Should we decide where we need help the most, create a job description, and have them apply for it? The more help I have the more money I can make and use my time other places? They are great fits and the best employees would be those who have gone through our program. We are right at the point of deciding if we should hire or hold out a little longer. Do we have them be employees and take that on? Or offer them to be contractors? Any thoughts?