How to wrap your mind around Sexual Harassment in Public Service

I am in my 2nd month of SCS. I love it. I use your principals from SCS in what I am doing. I just applied to be a speaker for the Utah League of Cities and Townes Convention in SLC, in September 2018. If I am chosen to speak, I want to present well and my questions to you are about my business plan. I am so new to the “business” of coaching, I’d like your opinions.

My families personal life stories will be shared publicly. Lessons we’ve learned from working with the public and serving as an elected official and trying to deal with the pension guaranteed employees. All of it is such a challenge! The information I plan to share will be valuable to them.

I want to request Convention Presenter prices and I don’t know what is a standard cost for such a speech. Do you have a clue what I should charge? I have attended many boring speeches in these conventions, I am confident my speech will be informative and entertaining. I believe I could be highly valuable to this niche audience.

Also, I want to know is it OK to share SCS information I have learned with elected political officials and their families, partners and co workers etc even at such an early stage of my business?

Dianne A. Blackham