Hybrid food-business question

Many times when I’m making progress with getting my medical weight loss business off the ground, my own old food issues seem to appear out of nowhere. I struggle with behaviors I haven’t used in years. In some ways these days are a gift because they help me remember what it’s like to suffer with overeating, but I’d prefer to not have them! They undermine my confidence and productivity. I know they’re partly about fear of success but also about fear of next steps. They’re keeping me playing “small ball”.

Some of the thoughts I’m thinking prior to my “slips”:
-I’m not pretty enough to market myself as a weight loss coach
-I’m not pretty enough to succeed in the fitness industry
-I’m too old
-I need a facelift
-Nothing I have to say/offer is unique; why would anyone pay for this?

Any suggestions for getting off this hamster wheel?