I am not wasting my time.

This question title started as “Am I wasting my time?” I am answering that I am absolutely not wasting my time. And I am still feeling the pains of lack. Lack of consults and clients. I have been posting and making offers for months. I just had my first real consult last week off of a LinkedIn post and subsequent profile view. The consult went great- so I thought. I coached through objections and followed the 2K process. We had a follow up scheduled for today and she did not show.
I know this is part of it. AND I know things could be going quicker. As I work to gain clarity through the model, I present the following for feedback:

C- Coaching Biz thought: this is taking too long
T- This is taking the exact amount of time it is supposed to take
F- soothed
A- continue to grow and learn by doing- post content,send weekly email, think about what my client needs. continue building content as inspiration strikes evaluate, tweak as necessary. Don’t compare and despair. enjoy the unfolding
R-time is on my side and things are unfolding