I am ready for clients!

I am enrolled in The Life Coach school for August and so excited!!
So far I’ve defined my niche, created a website, created a freebie, did Amy P’s list builders lab and implimented, made postcards to hand out at local businesses. I feel ready to start running ads but part of me is reluctant to hire someone to do it because I know that’s part of the service from the Life Coach School….and I’ve already gone over the top and completed most of your list on my own. Is there something I can do in the meantime to begin getting clients with a very niche market?

So far, I’m doing weekly IG & Facebook lives, weekly blog posts for marketing, but my audience is mostly friends and family- maybe like 3 people who fit into my niche. Any ideas on what to do in the meantime before running ads to get new leads and book mini-sessions?

My niche is women with PCOS between 28-38 who are overweight, have tried everything to lose it, and want a new and different approach to weight loss.

Thanks so much!